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Minecraft Permissions Finally Available
February 5th 2015, 12:37AM EST by Vanderburg
Okay, I took waaaaay longer than I said I would, but I've finally got a "working" version of the Minecraft Permissions up. Still only works with PermissionsEx, works basically the same way, etc, etc. Work has been busy, so it's been slow going, and it's really annoying to modify something like this to work with the new version of the site.

Anyway, it's there now. Everything should function, except for something like autocompletes with permissions, but the UUID stuff is good, Saves, Downloads, etc, those work. If you see something really broken, let me know in the contact form.
Finally working on Minecraft permissions
December 6th 2014, 2:39AM EST by Vanderburg
Okay, so, after a month of not doing what I said I would, I'm finally working on Minecraft permissions tonight. All the functionality is the same from the old site, so it just needs to be integrated into the new design, which I expect will probably take me a couple hours. Look for it Saturday or Sunday.
Minecraft Permissions
October 30th 2014, 8:04PM EDT by Vanderburg
There have been some requests for Minecraft Permissions to be re-implemented, so I'll work on putting this back in this weekend.

Originally, it was removed because I was waiting to see what was happening with Sponge, in case there was a totally new format (There appears to be), but Bukkit plugins are still being used by so many that it's worth putting this back in.
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